Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines for Nerds

Valentine's Day has arrived - the central day of the romantic year. It's the day we commemorate the death of St. Valentine, a Roman priest who (probably) got in trouble for marrying Christian couples in the reign of Claudius Gothicus in the 200s. Failing to convert the Emperor, he was then beaten to death and beheaded (still a better love story than Twilight).

For some of us, however, Valentine's Day is a never-ending source of awkwardness. It's always the same dilemmas: How do I speak of romance without invoking the eternal love of LĂșthien TinĂșviel, an immortal who chose a mortal life rather than be separated from her beloved Beren? What's the theologically correct way to ask someone out? What if I really wish I were Mr. Darcy, but am pretty certain I'm Mr. Collins?

Yes, I'm talking about the nerds. Happily, all hope is not lost - I have some resources just for you.

But first of all, get all gussied up...

...really commit to finding your other half...

...and I get ready to print out some cards.

If you're a theology nerd...

...a Lord of the Rings nerd...


..a Pride and Prejudice nerd...

...Harry Potter nerd...

...a Puritan (these days, pretty nerdy)...

...a Star Wars nerd...

...all of you, if you need help expressing your nerdery through cheaply printed cards, I'm your source.

Happy Valentine's Day,



  1. You'd have me at "let's stay in and watch Vera. . ."

    1. Fun fact: there are sadly few bad pun detective TV valentines out there.

  2. Hannah, these are too funny - but too bad I saw these a day late! Will have to figure some 'detective puns'. From Columbo: "One more thing....I hope am mean more than a grubby raincoat and a one-night-dead stand . . ." OK needs some work, I know. :)


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