Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Concert Pics

Today – I had a confusing morning. This afternoon, I discovered my brother might be a famous apologist when he grows up. This evening, I met Coffey Anderson. And tonight, I accidentally broke my pledge for Lent (that milkshake appeared out of nowhere, I swear). All in all, a pretty busy day.

As a metaphor for my mood, the whole day was surreal – I woke to rain beating the windows, and looking out saw that it was a cold rain that encased all the branches in silver ice. As we headed west for the concert,  and my spirits started to lift, the sun broke through the gray clouds and seemed to melt away the darkness. But that's just an interesting aside.

As I write this, I’m sitting in the car on the way back from the concert, which was totally awesome. Emily Lauren opened for Coffey (she was also great), and turns out her drummer’s an old friend, Storm Reynolds. Got to talk to Coffey a little after the concert. There’s not really anything to write an article about, but I figured I’d post a few pictures.

I'm peering over the red-headed lady right above Coffey's left shoulder - peeking around the girl with glasses to my left is my sister, then the guy above the guy with the long hair is my brother, and my mom is the third head from the far left - phew.

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