Friday, July 18, 2014

Canon Andrew White - “Vicar of Baghdad"

Earlier this month, in a post on Eric Metaxas, I highlighted his interview with Canon Andrew White, vicar of the only Anglican church left in Baghdad. After watching that, I sought out a few documentaries, which I link to below, illustrating Andrew's work.

The Canon is quite a colorful figure, a 6'3" priest often sporting a bright bow-tie, but besides his ebullient personality, these videos also display his incredible courage and tenacity, living in what is effectively a war-zone.

The videos don't focus only on Andrew - but the sufferings of the church in Iraq. If I could summarize the message in one word: perspective.

In the first two parts of this documentary, we see the church and the sufferings of the people in Baghdad's most dangerous areas.

In the third, Andrew undergoes his treatment for multiple sclerosis and talks about meeting celebrities.

In this second documentary, by ITV, we see more of Andrew's diplomatic work, his thoughts on politics, his work with the Pentagon, and his home in England.

The Vicar of Baghdad - part one from FRRME on Vimeo.

The Vicar of Baghdad - part two from FRRME on Vimeo.

The Vicar of Baghdad - part three from FRRME on Vimeo.

The Vicar of Baghdad - part four from FRRME on Vimeo.

According to Facebook, Andrew is now safely in Britain, having left Iraq to deflect persecution from his congregation (as a British man, he is a target.)

Links to charities supporting Andrew's work:




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